Hot dog and Sausage Linkers and Stuffers Replacement Parts

replacement housing Townsend part pump metering

Nearly two decades ago Stone Enterprises purchased a small existing machine shop in Hastings, NE to produce two pieces for sausage and hot dog linkers for a distributor in the food processing industry. It soon became apparent that other food plants had the same needs for high quality cost effective replacement parts. Stone Enterprises manufactures in… Read more »

KP Chub Packaging Machine Replacement Parts

KP Chub replacement Parts

Stone Enterprise is very versed in KP Chub replacement parts. We supply a large portion of the food processing industry with many of the replacement parts for these packaging machines. We can supply you with the mufflers, film pull wheels, knock out punches, film folders, v-notch knives, voider roll asemblys, anvils, knock out bodies are… Read more »

Things you need to know about linking chains for the sausage and hot dog industry from Stone Enterprises

Linking Chains parts for linking machines

  Linking chains are an essential part of your hot dog and sausage business. They are located downstream on a sausage linker from the metering pump and stuffing tube, over time those chains stretch causing variances in your lengths and weights effecting your product and bottom line. At Stone Enterprises we use only the finest… Read more »

Stone Custom Work Platforms, Crossover Stairs and Inspection Stands

Custom equipment inspection platform food processing packaging

Custom Work Platforms, Inspection Stands and  Crossover Stairs from Stone Enterprises are all custom fitted and designed to meet our customers wants and needs in the food processing industry. These custom designed and fabricated units can be integrated into various stages of the production line giving access to limited areas and creating more valuable work… Read more »

Stone Hot Dog Peeler Vacuum table Combo for the food processing industry

hot dog sausage peeler vacuum table

The Stone Vacuum Table was designed to be used in conjunction with the Stone Hot Dog Peeler for the removing of the inedible casings from hot dogs, sausages and cocktail weenies. The Hot Dog Peeler product change-overs can be done in less than a minute with no tools required, has a product sensor for reduced… Read more »

DIP Tank Conveyor

Dip tank conveyor

We have had a lot of requests for this piece of custom equipment for the food processing industry. Dip tank conveyors are designed for products that need an antibacterial treatment,coloring or any other liquid treatment.They have an easy clean design to allow belt to run in a cleaning position.Variable speed drive for controlled dip times… Read more »